Minnesota Thespians Conference 2024

The Minnesota Thespians Conference 2024 was a success! 

Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors, and volunteers that made the conference possible. 

Two days of creative workshops, masterful performances, amazing guest speakers, and much more.

Guest Speakers

Dipankar Mukherjee

McKnight Foundation 2023 Distinguished Artist and Artistic Director of Pangea World Theater

Jay Owen Eisenberg

Minneapolis-based Theatre-Maker, Arts Educator, & Consultant

The weekend included some great competitors, and outstanding champions! 

Scholarship winners:

James Thiel - Blaine High School - $500

Elle Hinds - Centennial High School - $500, $1,000

Syd Raley - Edina High School - $1,000

Tabitha Craig - STMA - $1,000

Superior Thespies :

Superior Performance Awards:

Nadia Richardson - Musical Theatre Solo Roseville Area High School

Audrey Kanu - Musical Theatre Solo STMA

Greta Caliri - Musical Theatre Solo PiM

Superior Technical Awards:

Tabitha Betterman - Sound Design St. Francis

Amelia Dayton - Stage Management STMA

Lucia Dorumsgaard - Costume Construction St. Francis

Sarah Glazer - Stage Management Park High School

McKalynn Johnson - Stage Management STMA

Paige Murray - Scenic Design PiM

Alyra Nicholson - Stage Management PiM

Tabitha Craig - Marketing 

Superior Sound Design: 

Tabitha Betterman - St. Francis High School

Thespy Musical Theater Solo:

Nadia Richardson - Roseville Area High School


Overall Tech-aThon Individual -

Lily Smith - Park High School

Foam Carving - 

1st Place: Audrey Powell STMA

     2nd Place: Darci Mattson STMA

     3rd Place: Kenji Yang Park

Hanging & Focusing Lights - 

1st Place: Amelia Dayton STMA

2nd Place: Lily Smith Park

3rd Place: Elliott Vanasse Park

Sewing On Buttons -

1st Place: Knives Schmotter Park

2nd Place: Mira Weber STMA

3rd Place: Menard Park

Coiling Cables -

1st Place: Lily Smith Park

2nd Place: Mira Weber STMA

3rd Place: Sarah Glazer Park

Costume Change -

1st Place: Knives Schmotter & Kenji Yang Park

2nd Place: Kiera Potvin & Maya Potvin Woodbury

3rd Place: Sasha McCauley & Hannah Paschke Park

Props Shift -

1st Place: Maya Potvin, Chloe Keller, Hagan Conley, Kiera Potvin, Natalia Parker, Isaiah McKnight Woodbury 

2nd Place: Elliott Vanasse, Nathan Kinney, Madelyn Zelm, Kenji Yang Park

3rd Place: Darci Treptau, Theresa Bourget, MacKalynn Johnson, Grace Berendes, Amelia Dayton STMA